Fun economics

Most of economics is very interesting (the creation if indices being a notable exception), but a lot of it is not particularly fun. Some economics professors do put “fun stuff” in their classes, bot often it’s stuff that isn’t particularly effective in terms of teaching, nor important in terms of economics.

But the intersection of “fun” and “economics” and “effective and relevant” is not an empty set. In addition to playing production games (alumni: remember “Yummy rows”?) and lots of fun coordination and public goods games, there are THE VIDEOS. These are great pieces of artistry that also go a long ways toward explaining some important economics.

Leading the way is, of course, the first Keynes – Hayek rap, a great way to cement the lessons learned in an intermediate macro course. Fear the boom and bust!

But of course, the economy is dynamic. Situations both change, and recent history can be used to assess macroeconomic policy…hence the second Keynes – Hayek rap. It’s the Fight of the Century!

And who could forget about learning about quantitative easing by listening to some very Berry White-esque grooves.
Want to go international, and understand China – United States trade and exchange rate issues? Then check out the US – Sino Currency Rap Battle!

Got more econ videos? Send ’em to me!

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